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Peace Boat US is a nonprofit organization working to promote a culture of peace and sustainability through international education programs, helping to raise awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These programs bring youth leaders from around the world, often on the front lines of climate change and marine degradation, to travel onboard Peace Boat’s ship, engaging in capacity building and bringing their message to citizens and governments throughout their voyage. Join Peace Boat US in supporting climate action and help offset the carbon emissions from your travel.

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SXM Festival

Traveling to SXM Festival? Enjoy some peace of mind by reducing your climate impact in cooperation with SXM Festival, Parties4Peace and Peace Boat US! Since 2019, SXM Festival and Peace Boat US have collaborated to promote sustainability in Saint Martin to have a positive impact on the environment. Each of us can make a difference by helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

SXM Goal: Offset 100 Tons of CO2

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Climate Projects

Support Clean Renewable Energy Projects

Your funds support carbon reducing projects selected by Peace Boat. These projects generate clean renewable energy from the wind, water, and sun, and provide electricity to locals in rural areas of Chile, Uganda, and India. These projects are certified by the UN, VERRA, and Gold Standard carbon offset standards to ensure the climate, ecological, and social benefits.

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